Timing Retard Eliminators

The TRE is a device which allows much better throttle response in the first 4 gears on EFI sportbikes. What the motorcycle manufacturers have done is make a separate ignition map for each gear. This has been done for either safety and/or emissions reasons. However, it limits the power and smoothness of your bike in the first half-turn of the throttle in gears 1 through 4. The motorcyclemanufacturers were clever in the design of the stock timing retard: It still allows full timing at full throttle. As you shift up through the gears, the amount of throttle needed to access the advance curve decreases, until you make it to 5th gear and then it's gone - you have nice, smooth operation. The TRE makes your motorcycle respond just as smoothly in the lower gears.

Quick facts about the TRE:

  • A direct "plug in" installation - no cutting or splicing.
  • Has no effect at full throttle (except ZX-14).
  • Does have an effect from closed throttle up to half throttle in gears 1 through 4 at ANY rpm.
  • Disables the speed limiter on the 2001 through 2006 GSXR1000 and 2001 through 2006 GSX1300R. This is because the ECM does not see the 6th gear ignition map which has an earlier rev-limiter.
  • DOES NOT affect full throttle horsepower (except ZX-14). This has been verified on the dyno as well as on the road under controlled conditions.
  • For "race use only"
  • Does not comply with your warranty.
  • Does not comply with federal emission and/or safety laws.
  • Will not allow your speedometer to read higher than the black box will allow it to.