Removable Chocks & Hardware

The Pingel Wheel Chock secures a motorcycle on your wood floor trailer. Pingel Wheel Chocks are designed with a unique T-bolt hold-down for quick and easy removal from the trailer floor, leaving only the near flush mounting brackets. If you use your vehicle for more than just motorcycle hauling, this is the product you need. The WC650 wheel chock is recommended for use with all tire sizes up to 6½" wide. This allows the use of the same wheel chock for your dirtbike, sportbike, cruiser, touring bike, custom or drag bike. This design features increased rotor clearance for motorcycles that are equipped with large diameter rotors such as new sportbikes. A common misconception about wheel chocks is that the sides of the chock hold the bike in place when it is actually the front triple radius bend that does the job. With tie-downs pulling the bike's front tire forward into the wheel chock, it is physically impossible for the bike to slip. The Pingel Wheel Chock feature a steel tube construction with a chrome finish, stainless steel mounting brackets, quality grade 8 bolts and nuts, washers, anchor and T-bolt. Additional Wheel Chock Mounting Kits may be purchased separately to enable the installation of the Wheel Chock in alternate locations.
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