All Pingel fuel valves can be rebuilt.  We offer an easy and low-cost solution for rebuilding your high-performance Pingel fuel valve.  If you live in the United States or Peurto Rico we will rebuild your valve at our facility for the small fee of only $18.00 USD for single outlet valves, $21.00 USD for dual outlet valves, $24.00 USD for triple outlet or Guzzler valves, and $31.00 USD for vacuum valves.  This covers the cost of rebuilding and return shipping.  Due to higher shipping costs, please contact us for rates if you live outside the aforementioned locations.


We will rebuild your valve and ship it via USPS priority mail within 4-5 business days of its arrival at our facility.  To ensure timely and accurate return of your valve, please fill out, print and include the Fuel Valve Rebuild Request form.

Read below to hear one of our satisfied customer's

"Pingel Single Outlet Fuel Valve Rebuild Service Story"




I sent my petcock into Pingel on Mar 11, 2013 for a rebuild.

It only cost me $15 for the rebuild plus what I spent to ship it to them through UPS which was $14. NOTE: UP gives you automatic $100 insurance coverage against anything being lost during shipment. For $14… could anyone go wrong? With a tracking number of theirs, I knew the exact time after it arrived at Pingel. It didn’t get lost! YES!!!! I was stoked!

I got it back in the mail from Pingel at “Flat Rate Postage” but, with a “Priority” level at that, Tuesday Mar 19th. Not bad boys and girls. Not bad at all!

I called to find out if they had gotten it. Troy said yes and that Craig would be doing the rebuild on it for me.

So, Craig did the rebuild (up there in Wisconsin). I talked to him by phone later that day that it arrived to make sure that they had gotten it and more importantly, was he going to be able to rebuild it. I had no idea of its condition or when this fuel shutoff valve was originally installed on this bike. I bought it used back in 2001 so, it’s anyone’s guess how old this valve is. It’s my only bike so, I needed reassurance that I didn’t need a new valve.

Craig said yes it looked fine and……..that he’d already pulled it apart that morning and it looked like it didn’t have any issues preventing him from rebuilding it for me. This was that Wednesday and he said that it wouldn’t leave there until that Friday (the 15th) because that’s their ship out day.

I got it back home in the mail the 19th but, I hadn’t opened the box until just now on the 22nd.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! It looks like it’s a brand spanking new valve! WOW! I’m impressed! Craig…..are you sure you didn’t just ship me a brand new valve? This couldn’t be the same one I sent you!

In the future, if there is any time that anyone even tries to say anything bad about Pingel, I’ll just knock their frickin’ block off!

They’ve got excellent customer service at a loss on parts on their part, and the customer by being able to talk to the technicians there. Plus you’ll NEVER find a better bunch of folks geared towards satisfying customers and beyond belief at that. They absolutely rock! I’d recommend any of their products to anyone that’ll listen to this ol’ grey beard.

Thanks Pingel……..and to Craig and the whole tech crew, you are a master craftsman Craig.

Folks, this was an incredible experience not seen in years by me at least. Pingel Rocks!
Thank you very much guys.

Dan (Coaster) Napier
Bonaire, GA

PS: `91 HD Fat Boy…..stroked with S&S E Series Shorty…..and 2X2 Cycle Shack Baloney Cut exhaust. It rocks on and now will do so for another few decades again!