Hi-Torque Remote Starters

Pingel Hi-Torque starters are available in 5.6HP and 7HP models. These starters have superior cranking abilities with considerably more torque and a larger output shaft than others on the market today. Both models are available with either the standard handle that rests over the top of the engine case or a dual grip handle that does not protrude into the fairing area. The 5.6 HP unit weighs only 19 pounds and the 7HP unit weighs 26 pounds. Starter sockets are deep-well 1-1/8" 6 point impact. 6 ft. flexible #2 copper welders cables assure full power is delivered from the batteries and utilize an industrial cable connector. Starters are designed for left side counterclockwise rotation for Kawasaki and Suzuki engines. Two 12 volt batteries with a minimum of 900 cold cranking amps each must be connected in series to produce the 24 volts required to operate these starters. Not for use on V-Twin motorcycles.
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