Pingel V-Rod NOS Kits

Pingel Enterprise, Inc. has designed a completely bolt on nitrous kit for the H-D V-Rod. This "wet kit" can easily and safely increase the stock 107hp to over 140hp at the rear wheel using the 30hp jets as shown in the dyno report. That is an increase of 33% on a stock engine! With the 50hp jets included you could gain as much as 50hp attaining 160hp at the rear wheel, almost 50% over the stock engine! We have designed all the brackets and mounts you will need for the installation. The kit does require the installation of a fuel tank bung for the auxiliary fuel pump and also requires drilling several holes in the air box. Available in four versions; one or two 10 ounce bottles and one or two 1lb bottles. Complete instructions included with every kit.

Included in each kit:

  • Lightning Series Solenoids with mounting clamps
  • Fuel Tank Bung with screen
  • Throttle Position Activation Switch (TPAS) with mounting bracket
  • Two nozzles with mounting brackets
  • Polished bottle brackets
  • Polished bottle(s) with chrome high-flow bottle valve(s)
  • Toggle switch with mounting bracket
  • All necessary fuel and nitrous lines - All visible lines are braided stainless
  • All wiring, clamps, fittings and hardware
  • Jets included - two each of 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26
  • Complete installation instructions

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